East Wing Magazine wants to hear from you. We are interested in journalistic tips, guest columns, opinion pieces, and relevant press releases about America’s first ladies present and past. Have a photo, video or a memory of an experience with a first lady you’d like to share? We’re interested! We welcome pitches from emerging writers, but we have a dedicated staff and we currently are not budgeting for reported stories and features.

Guest Columns

East Wing Magazine welcomes differing opinions and perspectives about first ladies present and past and first ladies-adjacent or East Wing topics. Our guest columns generally run 800 to 1,500 words, but we’ll consider columns of any length as long as they are compelling, clearly written and factual.

Guest columns are uncompensated.

Some guidelines:

Timely. Whether it is a historic anniversary, an upcoming event or something dominating the news headlines — these are all opportunities to connect your topic to something timely. Tipping off the editor about the timeliness of a topic is also helpful.

Focus. Trying to cover the entire history of a topic is difficult in under 2,000 words. Keep your topic focused on one particular angle with one or two main points.

The lead. East Wing Magazine is a journalistic-driven publication with a general audience from many different backgrounds. Grab the reader with your main point quickly, within the first few paragraphs of your column.

The facts. In this technological era of misinformation and disinformation, East Wing Magazine is dedicated to vetting submissions to make sure what is being published is accurate. Be prepared to attribute your information sources and provide links to studies or websites to support your writing and help educate our editors.

Style. Write shorter, simpler sentences and edit long paragraphs to two or more shorter paragraphs. Avoid jargon when it doesn’t enhance the article.

Photos: We welcome quality photos, videos, illustrations or graphics that will accompany your column.

How to submit a guest column. Send the completed article or your idea for one to Editor Jennifer Taylor at

Please send all correspondence to Jennifer Taylor, editor, at

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